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AGL Transformers for Series Circuits

FAA AC 5345-47, L-830 / L-831, EN 61823


The new range of Efla’s KR600 series circuit transformers are especially designed for use in AGL systems with individual lamp control. KR600 transformers have a very low leakage inductance which facilitates the adjustment of individual lamp control systems on circuits where the signal is transmitted through series cable. Since the KR600 transformers comply with all major international standards, it is a clear benefit that they can be installed already in the initial installation phase on circuits that are possibly changed into individual lamp control circuits at a later stage.

 FAA AC 5345-47, L-830 / L-831, EN 61823


KR500 still available






Toroidal shape


The toroidal shape of the transformers is optimum for the sizes regularly used in supplying lights in airfields. Transformers are certified by FAA and approved by IEC. They also comply with ICAO annex 14 and several national standards.

Water tightness is achieved using several water barriers resistant to the latest chemicals used in airfields, while the encapsulation material has excellent electrical characteristics and excellent resistance to weathering.




With earthing (grounding) or without earthing


Efla supplies transformers with or without earthing. If earthing is requested it is connected to the end of the secondary winding in the side of the larger socket.

A schematic diagram of a AGL circuit with primary side, transformer and secondary side

The thicker pin on the secondary receptacle is grounded.



Primary leads


  • The transformers have two primary leads, standard length 0.6 m, cross section min 6 mm2
  • One lead with FAA L-823, Style 2 plug
  • One lead with FAA L-823, Style 9 receptacle




Secondary leads


  • The transformers have one secondary lead of 1.2 m in  length with cross-section min. 2.5 mm2, 0.6 kV.
  • Secondary lead fitted with a style 8 connector
  • Upon request, the transformers can be equipped with other cable sizes and lengths or with a style 7 connector


Style 8Style 8





Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is a modern material with excellent electrical and mechanical properties and good chemical resistance to the chemicals typical used at airfields. TPE also has A very good resistance to weathering, its insulation withstanding UV-radiation and ozone exposure. The material is also resistant to the effects of temperature (below 135 C°, 275F).






Tin-plated copper or brass for the contact parts, while the socket is supplied with a copper beryllium sleeve–type spring, ensuring adequate contact pressure.




Rated Power [W] Rated Current [A] Efla type with earthing Efla type without earthing FAA Type Power range [W] Load Ohm Efficiency % Power Factor
10/15 6.6/6.6 KR621 KR621.1 L-830-16 L-831-16 10-15 0.34* >70 >0.97
20/25 6.6/6.6 KR625 KR625.1 L-830-17 L-831-17 20-25 0.57* >70 >0.97
30/45 6.6/6.6 KR631 KR631.1 L-830-1 L-831-1 25-60 0.57-1.38 >85 >0.97
65 6.6/6.6 KR636 KR636.1 L-830-3 L-831-3 50-85 1.15-1.95 >85 >0.97
100 6.6/6.6 KR641 KR641.1 L-830-4 L-831-4 80-125 1.84-2.87 >85 >0.97
150 6.6/6.6 KR646 KR646.1 L-830-19 L-831-19 120-178 2.75-4.13 >90 >0.97
200 6.6/6.6 KR651 KR651.1 L-830-6 L-831-6 160-230 3.67-5.28 >90 >0.97
300 6.6/6.6 KR661 KR661.1 L-830-10 L-831-10 220-338 5.05-8.25 >90 >0.97
500 6.6/6.6 KR681 KR681.1 L-830-14 L-831-14 400-523 12.00* >90 >0.97

* According to FAA AC 150/5345-47







Efla type with earthing Efla type without earthing Power [W] Short circuited current [A] Open circuit voltage [V] L (magn) L (leak)
KR621 KR621.1 10/15 6.7 8 13.0mH  20µH
KR625 KR625.1 20/25 6.7 8 13.0mH 20µH
KR631 KR631.1 30/45 6.7 13 16.0mH 30µH
KR636 KR636.1 65 6.7 16 19.0mH 40µH
KR641 KR641.1 100 6.7 23 14.0mH 40µH
KR646 KR646.1 150 6.7 25 24.0mH 50µH
KR651 KR651.1 200 6.7 41 25.0mH 60µH
KR661 KR661.1 300 6.7 70 35.0mH 100µH
KR681 KR681.1 500 6.7 100 64.0mH 130µH


Check out the installation instructions for the KR600 and the KR500 transformers