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EFLA shields electrical connections - especially in the most demanding environments - electronics protection



Protection for electrical airfield systems


Airfields are getting more intelligent in terms of monitoring and controlling, parallel circuits and other new technologies will create challenges that haven’t been answered before, and as a surplus, the standards and requirements are changing and all the changes have to be implemented without compromising the safety of the air traffic. EFLA offers you a way to protect your most sensitive components in a secure, sustainable and efficient way.


A fast and easy protection solution


What you need is what you get

We like to keep things simple. Our approach is always pragmatic and hands on which leads to great solutions. We can help you find the perfect solution and our 30+ years experience from successful operations on airfields all around the globe helps us to understand the environment, the standards and the norms.


Our process saves your time and money

The design and manufacturing process is very effective. The whole process will last up to max. three months from scratch to manufacturing. In addition, the used methods lead to a less expensive final product.


Who we are and why you should choose us

EFLA is the leading manufacturer of AGL-components and a trusted partner of most of the global airfield lighting solution providers. We are known in the market for our high quality, agile response times and best customer service. We are using the same proven methods on our own products as we are now offering you.


We offer you a cost-effective way to protect your electronics and other equipment in a watertight encapsulation. Our method is resistant to high and low temperature, shock, vibration, environmental and solvents and compliant for even the most sensitive electronics all around the world. Our processes are also very sustainable since zero waste is produced and all the materials used are recyclable.


Defining your needs

Defining your needs - environmental factor that may affect your electronics - electronics protection

We believe in full cooperation and co-creation with our customers. Best results can be reached only by defining your needs thoroughly. We can help you to find the best solution! The first step of the design concentrates on a checklist to base your design on:


  • Size
  • Shape
  • Weight
  • Soft/Hard
  • Non-slip
  • Flexibility
  • UV & Weather Resistance
  • High/Low Temperature
  • Chemical/Fluid Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Color
  • Recyclability



EFLA’s encapsulation concept: Our tool saves your time and money

EFLA's encapsulation concept/process chart - electronics protection

Airfield lighting – the most demanding environment for protection

EFLA Shielding - electronics protection


Main benefits of EFLA’s encapsulation concept

  • Long experience in electrical systems on airfields
  • Intelligent solutions for evolving standards
  • Cost and time efficient
  • Resistant to temperature, vibration, environment and chemicals
  • Smaller, lighter and non-box shape for even the most sensitive parts


Building a success story

EFLA has already been part of many success stories in electronics encapsulation. We are encapsulating PCB’s and other sensors for the airfield environment with a 100 % success rate. Now we are looking for new success stories and would like to help you to make the airfields more advanced than ever before.


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