EMC Protector Retrofit Kit

EFLA’s EMC Protector Retrofit Kit is specially designed to vastly reduce unwanted electrical noises cuased by the secondary circuit, hence ensuring eninterrupted operation of other systems such as VHF radios or other systems using radio frequencies.


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Main benefits

  • Easy and fast installation
  • Lowers significantly the noise level caused by the secondary circuit
  • Three different types to fit your different applications
  • Range of ferrite cores to be used in the kit
  • Strong encapsulation materials fit to all operational environment


EMC Protector Retrofit Kit optional forms

  • Internal ferrite core is selectable


EMC protector retrofit kit


EMC protector retrofit kit


EMC protector retrofit kit















Internal ferrite core types


EFLA Type Properties Test conditions Z-Value Tolerance
a Impedance [Z] @ 25 MHz 1 turn 25 MHz 153 Ω ±25 %
b Impedance [Z] @ 100 MHz 1 turn 100 MHz 210 Ω ±25 % 
c Impedance [Z] @ 25 MHz 2 turns 25 MHz 649 Ω Typical
d Impedance [Z] @ 100 MHz 2 turns 100 MHz 632 Ω Typical


  • Test condition of the electrical properties: 20°C, 33 % RH


Ordering information

The EMC Protector Retrofit Kits can be ordered with different types of internal ferrite cores. First, choose the wanted form of the EMC Protector Retrofit Kit. Second, choose the wanted internal ferrite core from the available EFLA types (e.g. KDCA.EMC1.a or EMC2.c)


General information

  • Storage temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Operating temperature: +25°C to +125°C

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