KRV transformer to parallel circuit

for helidecks and helipads

KRV parallel transformers are designed to be connected to a normal line voltage (for example, 230 VAC). Transformers supply a certain voltage on the secondary side. They are typically used in heliports and helipads.
  • Superior isolation resistance by thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
  • Optimal physical size and electrical performance of toroidal structure
  • Primary voltage of 230 VAC
  • Secondary voltages 6.8 - 30 VAC
  • Secondary power 45 - 200 W
  • Current rating of 20 A and frequency of 50/60 Hz
EFLA has two types of parallel voltage transformers: KRV for single wires and KRVS for two-core cables.
KRV, Parallel transformer
KRVS, Parallel transformer

Transformers to parallel circuit: KRV and KRVS

Download datasheet > KRVS, voltage transformer for parallel circuits (png)KRV, Voltage Transformer for Parallel Circuits (png)