Secondary connectors

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AGL Secondary Connectors

FAA AC 5345-26, L-823, CLASS B, ICAO: Aerodrome design manual Part 5, Electrical Systems, Aerodrome design manual, Part 6, Frangibility

The secondary circuit supplies power to light fixture and delivers control and monitoring data. High quality secondary connectors ensure water tight connection along with seamless power and communication. 

EFLA connectors provide watertight and durable installation to any environments. Nominal rating is 20A and 600V.  Secondary connectors are available in standard 2-pin versions, and in breakaway option to frangible approach mast installations. Fast and simple installation is guided with attached manuals. 

EFLA’s secondary connectors are packed and delivered in kits including all the necessary parts for making the assembly on secondary cables. Each secondary connector kit contains components for a plug or a receptacle. 


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Secondary connectors

KD501, Secondary Connector

KD501/502 for two core cable >

KD 501/502 have been the industry requirement for over 30 years. This waterproof silicon filled connector is used with double insulated two core cables, 3-pin also available. KD 501/502 connectors are Intertek certified to FAA AC.

KD503, Secondary Connector

KD503 for two single core wires >

Like KD 501/502, KD503 connectors have also been industry requirement for over 30 years. This connector is also silicon filled but used with two single core wires. KD 503 connectors are Intertek certified to FAA AC.


Series of EFLA secondary circuit accessories provide flexibility and easiness to installation complexity. Y-connectors enable two loads after one AGL series transformer, and counter wise, one load after two AGL transformer. In addition there are several special plugs and receptacles available.




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KDCY, secondary y-conector (png)
KDCA.P2R, Secondary Circuit Y-Connector to use two loads after one AGL series isolating transformer (png)
KDCA.2PR, Secondary Y-Connector to use two AGL series isolating transformers (png)
KDC506.SHORT, Short-circuiting secondary connector (png)