Insurance to your LED light investment

Secure Fail-safe supply of AGL Series Circuit

Airfield ground lighting devices, such as light fixtures, have always been vulnerable to damage and destruction due to their exposed positioning on aerodromes and heliports, as well as their connection to high-power electrical network.

After LED transition in AGL, circuit includes more and more sensitive electronics. Lightning strikes are one of the major hazards at airfields. Depending on the region, a mid-size airport can be hit by up to 2000 lightning strikes per year on the aircraft maneuvering and movement areas. Direct lightning strike hit to runway or taxiway may cause massive blackout and equipment damage even for hundreds of light fixtures and transformers. 

EFLA Sheriff surge protection device (SPD) to secondary circuit protects airfield ground lighting equipments and system from damages upon lightning strike. Sheriff can be installed in an existing AGL pit or in a deep base. 

With Sheriff airports are able to protect investment payback time and secure Fail-Safe supply against lightning strikes and surges.   


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Lightning arrestor

Sheriff for secondary circuit

Sheriff surge protection device (SPD) protects airfield ground lighting equipment and systems upon lightning strike and surge, preventing power failure to spread in a circuit. Sheriff SPD is patented for lightning and surge protection for AGL circuit, helipads and helidecks.

Sheriff SPD operational status is verified by a portable tester, e.g. annual check or after the lightning strike has hit the runway or taxiway. Portable tester is battery operated and easy to use

Sheriff, Lightning Arrestor
EFLA Inspector Bourns 4030
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Sheriff lightning arrestor

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Inspector device

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