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Lightning strikes create very hazardous circumstances by damaging sensitive components in the airfields. Efla presents a new way for airports and heliports to protect your airfield lighting systems against lightning strikes. Sheriff lightning arrestor is a completely new lightning and surge protection component for secondary circuit, designed to be connected to Aeronautical Ground Lighting (AGL) circuits, helipads and helidecks.





Main Benefits

  • Minimizes the amount of broken equipment when lightning hits
  • A retro-fit component that can be added to a secondary circuit afterwards
  • Increases runway and taxiway uptimes as less replacement of lighting fixtures is needed
  • Enables the work force to be used in other operation than maintenance
  • Increases cost-efficiency by increasing the life-time of the lighting fixtures
  • An unique component that brings additional protection for the secondary circuit
  • A cost-effective way to minimize the risk of lightning damage to the series circuit



Sheriff will do the job

The Sheriff can be installed in various points in the secondary circuit to provide additional protection against lightning. The Sheriff should be grounded to the counterpoise.






Check out here how to check the operational status of the Sheriff!



Dimensions and connections

Height (H) Length (L) Width (W) Color Male Connector Female Connector Earthing Connection
40 mm (1.6″) 160 mm (6.3″) 80 mm (3.2″) Yellow FAA L-823 Style 1 FAA L-823 Style 7 M5 Brass Screw Terminal
According to EN61283


Electrical Characteristics

Operational Voltage Operational Peak Voltage Operational Frequency Power Consumption at 6.6 A AC Voltage Drop
at 20 A DC
Max. 190 Vac rms Max. 275 Vac 50/60 Hz 2 W 220 mV
DC Discharge Voltage
at 100 V/s
Insulation Resistance (IR) 100 V Capasitance Impulse Disharge Current
(Line to ground)
Operating and Storage Temperature
Min. 275 Vdc
Max. ~415 Vdc
> 10^9 Ω 1 MHz < 5 pF 20,000 A, 8/20 μs
> 10 Operations
4,000 A, 10/350 μs
> 10 Operations
8,000 A, 8/20 μs
> 10 Operations
12,000 A, 10/350 μs
> 10 Operations
-40 to +85 °C


The Sheriff has passed the drop test from 2 m 10 times.

Portable Tester



Inspector – portable tester at your service

The operational status of the Sheriff can be verified by a portable tester. The tester is easy to use, battery operated and handheld. The interval of testing the operational status should be according to the local conditions.