Combination of our injection molding technology, materials and electrical know-how in airfield ground lighting circuit create superior technology advantage for the industry. 


EFLA encapsulation consists of low-pressure insert molding and high-pressure over-molding technologies. Combining these EFLA provides durable and hermetically sealed encapsulation for the most sensitive pcb`s, embedded cable assemblies, connectors, and variable power electronics components in the harsh and demanding underground electrical environment. EFLA molding technology provides

  • an excellent adhesion
  • high production throughput and cost competitiveness
  • constant quality of automated manufacturing process 

Molding is an ideal mess-free and high throughput alternative to conventional potting.

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EFLA works in close co-operation with leading thermoplastic material manufacturers to develop durable and safe products to demanding underground electrical applications. Products are combination of high-performance elastomers, other thermoplastics and tin-plated copper and brass, just to mention few. Material selection is based on:

  • electrical and mechanical properties
  • resistance to weathering 
  • UV-radiation and ozone exposure
  • chemical resistance
  • environmental impact  

Thermoplastic elastomers are modern engineering materials compared to thermoset rubbers due to reduced weight, sustainable manufacturing and 100% recycling. Efla has been processing thermoplastic elastomers for almost 30 years.

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Electrical Testing

EFLA´s electrical know-how in airfield ground lighting circuit relies on over 30 years experience and co-operation with industry professionals. Today EFLA is leading supplier for airfield ground lighting critical components in the medium and low voltage circuits. EFLA is focusing on absolute safety and reliability in its critical components providing only 100% factory tested transformers and a wide range of connectors and molded cable assemblies. 

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