Toroidal shape for maximized energy efficiency

AGL Transformers

FAA: AC 150/5345-47C, IEC61283, ICAO: Aerodrome design manual Part 5, paragraph

High quality transformers provide continuous and disturb free power supply to AGL circuit equipment. The transformer also isolates the lights from the medium voltage series circuit to deliver reliable performance and improved safety for operating personnel. 

All EFLA's transformers are toroidal shape design, which provide superior electrical performance. Toroidal design is a symmetric "donut" shape which ensures the lowest possible leakage inductance. This is why EFLA transformers are the most energy efficient. Thanks to the lowest minimum electromagnetic interference, they comply with all existing and future AGL circuit equipment. 

Standard transformers are certified by FAA and approved by IEC. They also comply with ICAO annex 14 and several national standards.


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KR500 transformers to series circuits >

KR500 is used to supply the current in the AGL circuit and to provide a separation point between the primary and secondary circuits. KR500 series offers standard transformer features.


KR600 low-leakage transformers to series circuits >

KR600 series design provides very low leakage inductance. It supports single lamp control and other advanced control and monitoring equipments. KR600 is the most energy efficient transformer in the market due to low leakage design.


KRV transformer to parallel circuits >

KRV parallel transformers are designed to be connected to a normal line voltage (for example, 230VAC). Transformers supply a certain voltage on the secondary side. They are typically used in heliports and helipads.

Transformer hanger

stainless steel AISI316


Tailor-made hanger to place transformers in good order and away from water and dirt in underground pit holes. There are two ways to install hanger; either by screwing it on the wall or hanging it on rail. 


Datasheet & Installation instructions

Transformer Hanger TS1 >