Electrical Testing

for certified AGL component inspection

Electrical testing

EFLA uses in-house electrical testing as part of low, medium and high voltage component`s manufacturing process and quality inspection. Third party approved laboratory and automated testing devices provide proven performance for EFLA transformers in critical AGL installations. All test data has full traceability. 

Electrical testing in our production includes:

  • Tensile testing
  • Over voltage testing
  • High voltage testing (AC/DC)
  • Dimensional testing
  • Visual quality check
  • Transformation ratio testing
  • Continuity testing

In addition to production testing, our lab provides following in-house testing options:

  • Underwater leakage currents and insulation resistances  for water and different chemicals, in variable temperatures
  • Electrical test for currents, loads and voltage resistance up to 80 kV DC and 45  A
  • Weather and environmental tests (-40˚C...+8o˚C)
  • AGL circuit simulations with CCR and halogen lamps  
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