KD501/502 for two core cable

for watertight post-installation connection

KD501/502 have been the industry requirement for over 30 years.  This waterproof silicon filled connector is used with double insulated two core cables, 3-pin also available.  KD501/502 connectors are Intertek certified to FAA.

  • Superior isolation resistance by thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
  • Nominal rating: 20 A and 600 V
  • Wire diameter 8.5–18 mm (0.334–0.708 inches)
  • Conductor size 1.5–6 mm² (16–10/8 AWG)
  • ROHS compliance with EU directive NO2002/95/EC

KD501 (Plug) and KD502 (Receptacle) are packed and delivered in kit including all the necessary parts for making the assembly on secondary cable. Each secondary connector kit contains components for a plug or a receptacle. 

KD501, Secondary Connector
KD502, Secondary Connector
Installation Manual

KD501 and KD502 secondary connectors

Download recommended specification > KD502, AGL Secondary Connector Kit for two-core cable, receptacle, Style 12 (png)KD501, Secondary Connector Kit for two-core cable, plug, Style 5