KD 503 for two single core wires

for watertight post-installation connection

KD503 connectors have been industry requirement for over 30 years. This connector is silicon and used with two single core wires. KD503 connectors are Intertek certified to FAA AC.

  • Superior isolation resistance by thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
  • Nominal rating: 20 A and 600 V
  • Wire diameter 2.8–8.0 mm (0.110–0.314 inches) x 2
  • Conductor size 1.5–6 mm(16–10/8 AWG)
  • ROHS compliance with EU directive NO2002/95/EC

KD 503 (Plug) and KD 503R (Receptacle) are packed and delivered in kit including all the necessary parts for making the assembly on secondary cable. Each secondary connector kit contains components for a plug or a receptacle.

KD503, Secondary Connector
KD503R, Secondary Connector
Installation Manual

KD503 and KD503R secondary connectors

Download recommended specification > KD503R, Secondary Connector Kit for two single wires, receptacle, Style 11 (png)KD503, Secondary Connector Kit for two single wires, plug, Style 4